The Courses and Plans – Who are they for?

Jazz Improvisation – Courses and Plans The Courses and Plans within the site, are aimed at all musicians who are keen to learn how to improvise and to learn more about jazz. They are graded and are are ideal for a whole range of playing levels. If you are music teacher, you can customise your […]

Intuition and Studying

During the 1st week after starting Music College, as 1st Tenor Sax in the Big Band, I was confronted with a chord chart for me to use to improvise over a section in a Sammy Nestico tune, a week later. Most of the chord symbols seemed alien to me so I set off with a […]

Complex Time Signatures – Introduction to the Concept of Pyramid Rhythms

Recordings of Ken improvising with these rhythms can be found here:   ‘Crooked Crooks Cracks’ by Ken Stubbs video/score   ‘Lonely Together’ by Ken Stubbs video/transcription   ‘Countdown’ by John Coltrane video/transcription     The inspiration for the development of what I have termed, Pyramid Rhythms, came mainly from 2 different sources.   Pyramid Rhythms […]