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Ever since learning to play the trombone in 1980 I have also wanted to learn to improvise but to do so seemed very daunting and almost impossible for an amateur ensemble player such as myself. I finally made the decision to learn improvisation using the methods and materials on jazztuition.com.au. It immediately took the “daunting and impossibility” out of learning to improvise. It’s amazing to be able to remove “the shackles” of sheet music and enjoy the freedom of improvisation, even if only at a basic level. Ever since starting, my range, endurance, tone and general playing ability has improved, I also feel a lot more confident playing the trombone. I’ve also found that the backing tracks are invaluable as are the informative links.

Lynton Beggs – Trombonist and Helicopter Pilot

Like all good teachers Ken gives you the tools to find your own voice. It is obvious that he has thought about music and how to teach it for a long time. Now his approach is available to all who want to be musically creative. The play-alongs sound fantastic and with Ken’s guidance even scale practise takes on another dimension.

Bettina Schmid – Saxophonist and sax teacher, London, UK

As a student and teacher, I have been developing, using Ken’s system, the most complete improvisational system available. Practicing with these excellent recordings is fun, especially as the players and the sound are so fantastic. First, I spent considerable time with the pentatonic exercises, covering all of the different voicings – also, articulation and rhythmic permutations, which are built into these exercises. This focused practice had a positive impact almost immediately, especially with regard to my confidence as an improviser. Absolutely recommended for all students and teachers.

Julius Hofstetter – Tenor Sax – Saxophone Tutor at Northern Rivers Conservatorium, NSW, Australia